Around the lake


Around the lake

Basin of natural origin, Lake Alleghe was formed due to the detachment of an imposing landslide which on the night of 11 January 1771 blocked the course of the Cordevole torrent, generating a reservoir that flooded the surrounding villages located at the bottom of the valley. Alleghe being located higher was saved.

Today the lake is crossed for a large part by a road that runs along its banks. Easily accessible, it allows you to reach the orographic right from Alleghe and admire the extraordinary panorama offered by the town dominated by Monte Civetta.

The entire perimeter has a length of 5 km and only for a short distance consists of a dirt path. For those who wish it is possible to reach the opposite shore also by renting the pedal boat.
Above it stands the imposing Mount Piz, a rocky massif from which the landslide broke off. At that point the sliding surface smoothed by the force of nature is still very visible where the vegetation still does not take root.
The pleasant walk connects an Alleghe cycle / pedestrian path to the hamlet of Caprile, 4 kilometers away.

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